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Branson Boat Design Limited

WELCOME to Branson Boat Design

We have been designing a wide range of boats since 1978. Many examples are on the waterways of Europe as well as our coasts. These include Trawler yachts, Motor boats, Pasagemakers and of course our well known Dutch barge replicas.

The Dutch barge has many variations including the Luxe motor, Klipper and Jalk. Steel is one of the best materials with which to build a boat. If you like the practicalities of steel and are drawn to the striking lines of traditional boats, then consider a new replica build.

For the boat builder wanting to build his own steel boat quickly and efficently then the kits we produce are the simplest and least time consuming option.

We use CAD (computer aided design) technology to produce the most accurate boat kits in the UK. The steel material chosen is Lloyds grade 'A' certified plate. The kits are delivered free (UK mainland) and are already gritblasted and epoxy primed.

We produce a wide range of boat styles which you can find in the Branson Boat Designs section. We also take on bespoke work and have created individual designs and kits for some of the best known UK boat builders- for more information, please look at the Bespoke Boat Designs section.