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Branson Boat Design Limited


Profiled plates are cut to an accuracy of +/- 3mm over an 8 meter length. The steel is prime mild steel plate to BS43A, Lloyds certified and free of any visual defect. Also including gritblasting to S.A.2.5 and epoxy holding primer.

A kit comprises of all skin plating along with main frames, engine beds, integral tanks, apetures etc. (flatbar, angle iron, D-section rubbands etc are not included in the kit). Also includes part Technical file for R.C.D. and assembly drawings.

Prices may alter at any time

KitsProfile tonnagePrice exc. VAT
Thomas 50 aft cab10.2POA
Thomas 57 aft cab11.7£25,400
Thomas 57 aft wheel11.6£24,300
Thomas 68 aft cab£28,500
Emily 45 aft cab6.56POA
Emily 49 aft cab7.3£18,470
Kath 55 aft wheel9.7POA
Kath 55 aft cab10.2POA
Kath 60 aft wheel11POA
Kath 60 aft cab11.5POA
Kath 66 aft wheel12.8POA
Kath 66 aft cab14.1POA
Luxemotor 34POA
Luxemotor 40£13,100
Coaster 4912.34£27,200
Open Sea 42 Schooner6POA
T52 Trawler£37,100
T40 TrawlerPOA